No Other Law

"We have declared for an Irish Republic.
We will live by no other law."

General Liam Lynch,
Irish Republican Army.

Wimborne's Counter-Proclamation

Proclamation issued by the British Viceroy in Dublin, Lord Wimborne, on the afternoon of April 24th 1916, following the proclamation of the Irish Republic.

Whereas, an attempt, instigated and designated by the foreign enemies of our King and Country to incite rebellion in Ireland and thus endanger the safety of the United Kingdom, has been made by a reckless, though small, body of men, who have been guilty of insurrectionary acts in the City of Dublin:

Now, we, Ivor Churchill, Baron Wimborne, Lord Lieutenant-General and Governor-General of Ireland, do hereby warn all His Majesty’s subjects that the sternest measures are being, and will be, taken for the prompt suppression of the existing disturbances, and the restoration of order:

And we do hereby enjoin all loyal and law-abiding citizens to abstain from any acts of conduct which might interfere with the action of the Executive Government, and in particular we warn all citizens of the danger of unnecessarily frequenting the streets or public places, and of assembling in crowds:

Given under our seal, this 24th day of April, 1916.