No Other Law

"We have declared for an Irish Republic.
We will live by no other law."

General Liam Lynch,
Irish Republican Army.

Call To Arms, 1922

The following call to arms was published in Dublin on June 29th, 1922, in the Óglaigh na hÉireann War News bulletin.

The Republic is fighting for its life.

The Republic proclaimed in arms at Easter, 1916, established by law in January, 1919, defended by an army and people with heroic bravery and sacrifice through Terror, torture, and devastation in 1920 and 1921: the Republic consecrated by the blood of Pearse, Connolly, and the dearest and noblest of our patriots: the Republic once more is fighting for its life.

Citizens, defend your Republic!

The enemy is the old enemy, England: using new weapons lent her, to their shame by traitors to the Republic in our midst. Lloyd George and Churchill cracked the whip in their speeches on Monday night when they ordered the Provisional Government to attack the Four Courts. Their Free State agents came to heel. Shame on them! Shame!

Mercenaries wearing Irish uniform, paid, equipped, and armed by England, and acting under England's orders, are attacking our brothers of the Irish Republican Army, who defend the living Republic, and will defend it to the death.

In the Four Courts, bombarded by guns borrowed from Churchill, and attacked by troops armed by Churchill, stand the men who have refused to foreswear their allegiance to the Republic, who have refused to sacrifice honour for expediency, and sell their country to a foreign King. In Rory O'Connor and his comrades lives the unbought, indomitable soul of Ireland.

Irish citizens, give them support!
Irish soldiers, bring them aid!